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BC Plumbing is a professional plumbing company servicing the Norfolk County, Brant County, and Brantford area. We are available for new installation, emergency plumbing repairs, renovations, as well as commercial & industrial projects. How can we help you?

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    Over 10 Years Local Plumbing Experience

    Experience Matters When Dealing with Today's Plumbing Problems

    We’ve been helping families, farmers, and businesses with all types of plumbing jobs in and around Brantford for over 10 years. This experience gives us the ability to tackle your plumbing request with thoughtfulness and confidence.

    We offer highly accurate quoting, and we warranty all of our work.

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    BC Plumbing: Across Southern Ontario

    Our professional plumbing services cover a wide area across Southern Ontario. We are based in Windham Centre, but travel to all our great neighbouring regions including Norfolk County, Brant County, and Brantford.

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    Who We Help

    We service customers in the residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors.

    Residential Plumbing Services

    Whether you’re a homeowner or landlord with plumbing issues ranging from leaking fixtures, clogged toilets, frozen pipes and more, BC Plumbing is your local professional company with a down to earth, honest approach to solving residential drain, pipe, and service call problems.

    Commercial & Industrial Plumbing

    New business and industrial developments always need the help of an experienced plumber. With BC Plumbing, you are getting a crew that is focused on getting your facility up and running as fast as possible. This includes water line and sewer hook ups, all the way to fixture installations.

    Installation, testing, and repair services available.

    Agricultural Plumbing

    Norfolk and Brant County farmers must be able to trust their equipment. Irrigation systems, back flow testing, and excavating services all help to keep your farm running at peak efficiency.

    Contact us if any of your systems aren’t running like they should be.

    Emergency Plumbing

    We are on call 24/7 for plumbing emergencies throughout Southern Ontario. You don’t have time to spare when it comes to solving a plumbing crisis – You need assistance ASAP.
    Our urgent plumbing emergency service calls take priority, and we will do everything possible to get you back up and flowing.

    Emergencies don’t have to last for days. Don’t put it off, call us.

    Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

    Do you do Bathroom Renovations / Upgrades?

    Yes we do bathroom renovations. This includes everything to do with the job from start to finish, including:

    • Piping installation
    • Initial plumbing setup
    • Bathtub installation
    • Fixture setup and installation
    • Vanity installation
    • Tile work, stone work
    • Final finishes
    • Complete bathroom renovations
    Shiny Tiles in Bathroom Stand up Shower

    Do You Provide Plumbing Services for Business?

    We absolutely provide plumbing services for Businesses in Brantford and surrounding areas. In fact, we have become quite proficient at helping businesses on a number of strategic and implementation levels such as:

    • Preparing expansions and additions
    • Public washroom development
    • Commercial kitchen plumbing and development
    • Break room updates and fixture installation
    • New structure utility installation and plumbing hook-ups
    Facility bathroom sinks

    Can I Unclog a Toilet Without a Plumber?

    While a clogged toilet can seem like the end of the world, it is a problem that you can solve on your own, without a plumber, if needed.

    Always be sure to have a toilet plunger handy, as it is one of the cheapest ways to save yourself a visit from your friendly local plumber… And despite our fast service-call ETA, nothing can beat the timeliness of your own plunger.

    If your stubborn clog is a next-level catastrophe, a toilet snake (other wise known as an auger), is another relatively inexpensive DIY plumbing tool that can do more to break loose clogs and allow you to flush properly.

    Have a plunger and auger handy