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    Experienced Plumbing Service in Brantford, Ontario.

    BC Plumbing was founded in Brantford, and has since enjoyed many great years of service in this great city.

    We are available to help you with all types of plumbing projects for your home, farm, or business in and around Brantford.

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    Brantford Emergency Plumbing

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    • 24 Hour Emergency plumbing in Brantford
    • New plumbing installations in Brantford
    • Drain & toilet snaking
    • Bathroom & kitchen fixture installation
    • Water heater install and repair
    • Water treatment
    • Residential plumbing service calls
    • Business plumbing service calls
    • Agricultural plumbing service calls

    24/7 Emergency Plumbing in Brantford

    Plumbing problems can be stressful. Worries about water damage, an unusable bathroom, or a kitchen in shambles have all caused plenty of plumbing headaches for homeowners. BC Plumbing in Brantford, Ontario will take care of your plumbing emergency and solve your plumbing problems quickly and affordably.

    Contact us 24/7 to fix your leaky pipes, frozen pipes, sewer backups, septic issues and more.

    Plumbing emergency calls welcome.

    Renovations & Installation

    Professional plumbing renovations and installation for bathrooms & kitchens across Brantford is among our plumbing specialties. If you’re involved in a new build, or updating an old space, rock-solid plumbing experience is vital to a successful project.

    Bathroom Renos // Kitchen Renovations // New Installs

    Plumbing Project Photos

    Check out pictures of our recent work across Brantford and surrounding areas
    (Including Norfolk County and Brant County)

    See more on the gallery page

    Clogged Toilet or Drain? Pipe Snaking.

    A clogged toilet, sink, or tub in Brantford is a problem that can totally ruin your mood. We all expect our bathrooms and kitchens to simply work, and when they don’t – It can turn your life upside down. Drains and pipes can get clogged in a variety of ways:

    • Hair
    • Food chunks
    • Bobby pins/elastics
    • Dirt and grease
    • Mineral build up
    • Toys

    By calling BC Plumbing in Brantford to snake your toilet, sink, or bathtub, you can return your facilities to working condition. It doesn’t take long to solve the pesky problem of a clogged drain or pipe. Generally a hand auger will do the trick. For more extensive and stubborn clogs, we have a power auger that can cut through just about anything.

    Drain Snakes and Power Augers to the Rescue

    Expert & Professional Plumbing Help Elsewhere:

    Our plumbing expertise is not limited to Brantford, Ontario. We also service neighbouring counties, cities and towns: